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Jacob Webster

Jacob initially trained as a rugby union player and has both played for and captained a few teams. Jacob moved to London to pursue his acting career after receiving a scholarship for ALRA from where he recently graduated with a first class honours degree. Jacob has a refreshing charm, charisma and talent. 


June Dear Yoon NFTS
Marcus The Bloods Linlin Zhu Peachy Peach Productions
Bradley I Used To Be Famous Eddie Sternberg Netflix
Hayden Wolfless Luna   Shanghai Kunyan Film Co
Whilst Training      
It Never Happened Heinrich/Ludwig stage Jane Jeffery
The Method Cameron stage Rikki Beadle-Blaire
Callisto Blake/Drydon/Creely stage Rachel Lemon
Blank Cameron stage Sammy Glover
Romeo and Juliet Romeo stage Ali Spiro
A Streetcar Named Desire Stanley stage Jane Jeffery
Wish List Dean stage Jane Jeffery
Cock John stage Gareth Taylor