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Julia Rayner

Julia has a wealth of experience across theatre, TV and film, most notably recognisable as Regina Szpilman in The Pianist. Julia is equally confident and competent playing comedic and dramatic roles. Julia is also a choreographer and director.


Suzanne First Impressions Citizen Band Productions Tim Newton
Olivia Harris The Divorce The Scheinmann Brothers David and Danny Scheinmann
Hetty Nettleship The Art Party Bob and Roberta Smith Tim Newman/ Bob and Roberta Smith
Mother Patient 39 Atomium Films Dan Clifton
Mother Misery Guts Channel 4 Sarah Cox
Regina Szpilman The Pianist R.P Productions Roman Polanski
Maria Memo   Ian Cross
Simone de Beauvoir Dear Nelson Picasso Pictures/ Channel 4 Sarah Cox
Eve The Spaceman Atomic Wox Giles Borg
Madamoiselle Fromage Topsy-Turvy Thin Man Films Mike Leigh
Bridesmaid Secrets and Lies Then Man Films Mike Leigh
Sophie Bezukhova War and Peace BBC Tom Harper
Professor Natalie Yorke My Mad Fat Diary Tiger Aspect/ Channel 4 Alex Winckler
Telethon Director Extras BBC Ricky Gervais/ Stephen Merchant
Nurse The Gift BBC Television/ Tetra Films Danny Hiller
Various roles The Women Kings Head Theatre Maureen Lipman
Trude Trude Perpetual Motion Theatre, Poland Emi Slater
Carmelita Silent Brockport Dance Theatre, NY Teri Zink
Wivanee Snow Shoes Manchester Royal Exchange Mike Dalton
All 7 characters Two Abraxus Theatre Martin Savage/ Julia Rayner
Elizabeth Philpot Fossil Woman Shaker Productions Helena Uren
Bess Houdini Escape Hammersmith Lyric Theatre Mac MacDonald
Maggie Face to Face Fecund Theatre John Keats
Olivier the Bad Hunchback of Notre Dame Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Julia Rayner
Olga Kiosk Man Terra Mobile, St Petersberg Vadim Miheenko
Peppelina The Body Politic Perpetual Motion Theatre Emi Slater
Rachel Bitter Batter BBC Radio 4 Peter Leslie Wild
Caroline Four Steps to Heaven BBC Radio 4 Gary Brown
Wet Woman 118 188 Watermill  David Waters
Cook Lurpak Blink Productions Dougal Wilson
Woman Aero Epoch Films Nic and Sune
Mum Ikea France Milly Films David Lodge
Cave Woman Dulux Waspface Paul Gay
Young Mum Pizza Hut UK Nicholas Barker
Young Mum Coca-Cola Poland Martin Aamund


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