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Toby Rolt

Toby is a screen and stage actor of 35 year's experience on both sides of the Atlantic. After training at Drama Centre London, Toby's breakthrough role came when he was cast as young Casanova in the star-studded ABC television production and the lead in the BBC's groundbreaking Shalom Salaam.


Mike McKenzie Christmas in Scotland HeeHaw David Lumsden
Patrice Barrat Famin Fatigue Sarah Lewis Films Sarah Lewis
James The Habit of Beauty Pinch Media Mirko Pincelli
Dr Brent Late Shift Late Shift Productions UK LTD Tobias Weber
Tim Spiker, QC Target Raj Film Productions Rajesh Rajilal
Simon Westbourne Task Force Kushner-Locke Company Bob Hays
Dept. Minister for Agriculture Il Toro Penta Films Carlo Mazzacurati
Jean Provost Mata Hari Cannon Curtis Harrington
Husband The Surveyor Sanscript Productions Paul Duncan
Mr Johnson Noir Pilot Paul Drew
Senior House Consultant  ER - Chaos Theory  NBC TV Jonathan Kaplan
Sir Anthony Fairclough Lords of the Mafia PBS Dan Goldman
Miles Shepherd EastEnders BBC Stephen Butcher
Episode Lead Dark Realm  Warner Bros Eric Summer
Eric Battle Providence - All the King's Men NBC TV Karen Gaviola
Alister Sawyer-Smith Civvies BBC Karl Francis
Casanova Casanova Konisberg/Sanitsky corp Simon Langton
Guest Star Out of Sight - The Importance of Being Visible ITV Alex Kirby
Capt. Kat Kitebrook Jupiter Moon BSkyB Clive Fleury & Kay Patrick
Jamie Made in Heaven ITV David Attwood, Terry Johnson, Gareth Jones
Nigel Shelley Thames Anthony Parker
Adam Morris Shalom Salaam BBC Garrith Jones
Lord Booswar The Mary Morstan Mysteries MMM Film Ross K. Foad
Dr. P/ Frau Frau/ Sgt Peters/ Liz Taylor/ Dct Reeker Ghost Fruit Camden People's Theatre  Max Wilkinson
Heir Plume Pan Duch Metamorph Theatre Max Wilkinson
Jean-Baptiste Bruises Woven Voices Jean-Claud Fall
Vladimir Waiting for Godot 78th St Theatre -NYC Clare Davidson
Heroic Arsonist Burning Desire Melrose Playhouse Andy Hersh
Prof Ian Crawford From Another Time West Coast Playhouse Nikki Hennessy
Sir Clifford Chatterley Lady Chatterley's Lover Cockpit Theatre Claire Davidson
Leonard  Time and Time Again Haymarket Theatre Adrian Reynolds
Geoff Absurd Person Singular Haymarket Theatre Adrian Reynolds
Charles Surface School for Scandal Clwyd Maria Aitken
  Algernon Moncrieff The Importance of Being Earnest Tony Robinson
Simon Nottcool Sunday with K Covent Garden Theatre David Kelsey
Charles White The Killing Jar Wizz Films Ltd Will Thomas Freeman
Dr. James The Question Steele & Co Gabriel Steele
The Man Laundrette Harry Eagle TV Harry Eagle
The Mystic Silent Christmas Martino Films Massimo Martino