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Tom Grace

Tom is a DADA Award winning graduate from Mountview Academy with a real raw emotional truth to his performance which is rare and affecting. Tom is highly focused and diligent with a great work ethic, precise and nuanced physicality and excellent ability with accents. Has recently played the title role in Pericles.


Jakob Lenz/ Jake Goethe in Alsace Théâtre Volière Natasha Wood
Alex M11 Contexture Theatre Simon Anderson
Pericles Pericles Idle Discourse (Valtice Castle, Gatehouse London) Dan Dawes
Jakob Lenz Goethe In Alsace Théâtre Volière Natasha Wood
Barman Ionic Théâtre Volière Mick Wood
Various As If You Are Infinite Pegasus Theatre Rachel Betts
Antipholus (Syracuse and Ephesus) Comedy of Errors Idle Discourse Dan Dawes
Lamar Arnika Théâtre Voliére Natasha Wood
Stanhope Journey's End Immersion Theatre James Tobias
Macbeth Macbeth Young Shakespeare Company Paul Gladwin
Reader The Iliad The Almeida Theatre Rupert Goold and Robert Icke
Hibbert Journey's End Contexture Theatre Gailie Pollock
Wellbred Every Man in his Humour (rehearsed reading) Shakespeare's Globe Nick Hutchison
Romeo, Henry V, Benedick and Puck A Midsummer Night's Feast The Hyatt Regency Nick Hutchison
Tom Higdon The Bricks of Burston Stuff of Dreams Theatre/Tour Cordelia Spence
Christopher Dawlish Summer Day's Dream Finborough Theatre Alex Marker
Alfred Poilu and Tommy Theatre Voliere Natasha Wood
Hessel Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho Theatre 503 Jon Brittain
Dan The Proper Boundaries Theatre 503 Paul Baston
King Henry Henry V SM Productions Tom Bailey
Henry That Face Mustardseed Theatre Company Claire Martin
Ben Leftovers The Brockley Jack Theatre Rose Tomaszewska
Tom Last Night on Earth The Brockley Jack Theatre Rose Tomaszewska
Mark Tell Hell I Aint Comin' VML Entertainment Marcia P. Samuels
Lord Rivers Richard III Pendley Manor Shakespeare Festival Sarah Branston
Biondello Taming of The Shrew Pendley Manor Shakespeare Festival James Copp
Joel Pearson Down Will Come Television Bandits Kris Smith
Andy Beneath A Neon Tide Kill The Sunset Pictures Simon P. Edwards
Man In The Water Uppercut Collective Matt Milne
Bunce The Visitation Maz Jourdan Films Max Jourdan
Henry An Idle World Bobbin Productions Sam Bonard
Henry  Home Fear Driven Films Lee Hampton
Mark Stuff Of Dreams Decoy Studios Matt Anderson
Elliot  Love.Com Trash Lounge Films Shaun Kitchener
Luke Drive-by Sunset Fear Driven Films Simon P. Edwards
Jack (Lead) Smiley Fear Driven Films The Bashford Twins
Dean Alone London Film Academy Simon Gill


Fire Island Mountview  Richard Vincent
Valentine Two Gentlemen of Verona Mountview Nick Hutchison
Witwould The Way of The World Mountview Irina Brown
Konstantin The Seagull Mountview Jake Murray
Creon Antigone Mountview Geraldine Alexander
Ben/Freddie Life Complicates, Status Pending Mountview Cherry Cookson