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Beverley Callard - Sleeping Beauty

Beverley Callard to star as the Evil Fairy in  Sleeping Beauty  at Norwich Theatre Royal.

You think you know the story of Sleeping Beauty? Well, think again!

It’s the Princess’ 18th birthday and her mother, the Queen, is throwing her a royal celebration. But it’s not long before the Evil Fairy ruins the party with a curse to send the Princess into an eternal sleep. There’s only one thing that can save her… and she’d probably like it to be a smooch from the handsome Prince that she longs to meet.

With the Princess asleep it’s down to the Queen and the Good Fairy to find a suitable Prince and discover the real meaning of true love. Let’s hope they don’t encounter any mild inconveniences along the way.. and that they definitely don’t burst into spontaneous songs of West End musical quality!

So, to recap, here are our three top reasons to book panto:

- Powerhouse West End performances

- Mind-boggling on-stage illusions (right before your eyes!

- A generous dose of traditional pantomime chaos (practice your boos and cheers)


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